TCL-LINE 4K~16K Series


Designed to support up to 82mm (diagonal length) which is 16K@5um sensor size.

Iris diaphragm is adapted for adjusting the D.O.F.

High contrast & resolution design

This line scan lens is good for the high level production process for FPD(LCD, OLED), Film & Lead frame, copper boards.
The 16K lens has an advantage that can get a wider F.O.V than the general line scan lens(8K, 12K) while maintaining the same quality.

Sensor size for line scan camera

Thus, it can save tact time and equipment cost of system. In addition, you can get the desired D.O.F via Iris diaphragm.
It is possible to be customized design of lenses according to customer`s specification.

SPO have various 16K lenses according to magnification and W.D also please ask to us for more special lens if you need
SPO will provide the best solution for various applications.

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
TCL0.415X-170I-16K 0.415X 170 13 0.0259 8 929um 0.04 0.06 16K(5um) M95 PDF CAD
TCL1.0X-148I-16K 1.0X 148 6.4 0.0526 9.5 190um 0.04 0.03 16K(5um) M95 PDF CAD
TCL2.0X-130I-16K 2.0X 130 3.5 0.095 10.5 52.7um 0.04 0.04 16K(5um) M95 PDF CAD